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Our system has been designed in such a way that rewards our clients as well as affiliates and Introducing Broker for the purpose to refer new prospects to start their trading accounts at YaMarkets. The program has been developed to provide a compensation plan to all our referrers, irrespective of the experience level or the number of new prospects you introduce to YaMarkets- Forex Trading.

YaMarkets has turned into a big player in the Forex industry primarily due to word of mouth popularity and recommendations made by our happy clients. We as a team feel honored and humbly accept the positive feedbacks that our traders give to us and we would like to thank you whole heartily for this. The union program is something that we offer to you, to reward you for your sincere efforts to spread the positive word about YaMarkets. We provide offers to our clients while doing forex trading, currency exchange or any other forex transactions. This makes our clients happy.

Introducing Broker | Standard- YaMarkets IB Account | Sell Forex Currency Online

This is a special and one of its kind account designed for the traders who refers their friends and family members. This account is also suitable for new brokers. They get:

The liberty to choose between the fixed amounts that are earned from the referral program or earning based on the trading activities done by your referral.

No setup costs

Privilege to use our full package of marketing tools.

No minimum reference system for the fixed amount payout.

Introducing Broker | Professional – YaMarkets IB Account

This is another kind of special account designed for the established Introducing Broker and the traders who have the vision to refer clients for access to 10.

Getting competitive partner programs and generous compensation plans.

Detailed analytics to track the conversions, commissions, pending amounts and much more.

The facility of a dedicated account manager and full support for all your queries and getting right kind of advice you are seeking for.

Easy to withdraw with the click of a button.

YaMarkets offers best services to its clients in the field of forex trading and online forex sell. The clients earn profit by investing in various places like cryptocurrency exchange, currency exchange, commodities exchange etc. Connect with us anytime and start earning profit.