Currency Trading in India

Currency Trading in India

Currency Trading in India

Due to Globalization, Forex Trading has grown immensely all over the world. And it has a great impact in India also. As all of us know that trading is directly related to currency. So current trading is the act of buying/selling currencies. After the forex trading has become legal in India, currency trading in India become very popular as compare to commodities trading (commodities exchange).

The currency market i.e. Forex Market is regarded as the world’s biggest financial market. And it is also the fastest growing market all over the world. Its daily turnover is more than 3 trillion dollars. No physical exchange of currencies takes place in currency trading anywhere in the world. Just the profit and loss are calculated and recorded in the trader’s (invertor) account according to the price of currencies at the time of trading.

Who can Trade in India? - Currency Trading in India

Any Indian based company (Banks, financial institutions) can participate in currency trading in India. Indian rupees cannot be exchanged with all the other currencies. You need a demat account for starting currency trading. The only allowed pairs of currency in trading are USD/INR, JPY/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR. The currency trading in India is regulated by RBI and SEBI. NIRs are not permitted to participate in the currency trading in India.

The commonly used exchanges are:
– Multi Commodity Exchange(MCX-SX),
– National Stock Exchange(NSE)

Each form of forex online trading requires a specific set of skills. And the profits depend on the current market. The broker firms make it simple for the investors. Currency trading can be done only through brokers. So you have to select the best forex broker in India for currency Trading. YaMarkets is well known for their trading services.

Benefits of Currency Trading in India via YaMarkets:

Special trading platforms for the investors

The dedicated research team for daily analysis

No hidden charges

24 hours support

If you want to do currency trading in India, just try us once.

Currency Trading in India
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Currency Trading in India
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